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Solutions for Women - Single

Gail is a single, 42 year-old woman without children who owns a townhouse that carries a current mortgage balance of $100,000 with 25 years left. She also has a car loan and approximately $4,500 in credit card debt. Gail is currently an up and coming manager of a successful software company and is expected to work for another 15 years.

Gail's Concerns:
  • Does not want to burden family to have to continue to pay mortgage payments until home is sold.
  • Wants to make sure debts are paid off so family is not burdened with probate and creditors.
  • Wants to leave funds to help with nieces and nephews college expenses.
  • Burial expenses.
Vantis Life Solutions:
  • VantisTerm Life Insurance - 30 year term to provide income to beneficiaries after home is sold and other debt id paid off.
  • Permanent Life Insurance - Provides lifetime protection to cover burial expenses and other debt remaining at an older age when term life insurance is no longer available.
  • VantisTerm ROP Life Insurance - Get the life insurance that pays you back! With the Return of Premium feature you can get 100% of your premiums returned to you, tax-free, if you outlive your policy term

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